Geojam App Uses Music Tech To Reward Fans & Support Emerging Artist

Indya Wright
4 min readMar 10, 2021

The Female founded tech startup announces an initiative to help new artists

Women are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the tech industry, numbers show. Startups are known for unconventional work environments, but women still struggle there — especially if they’re the founder.

Only one in four startups have a female founder, according to a study from Silicon Valley Bank.

Sarah Figueroa, CEO, at only 26 years old still secured $2 million in funding pre-seed and pivoted her original plan for the Geojam platform at the height of the pandemic.

Geojam CEO Sarah Figueroa

Geojam blends the community of a social media platform and the fun of music streaming to create the ultimate fan experience. It is the 1st app that allows users to earn points just for streaming music they love, and those points can be redeemed for virtual and in-person experiences with their favorite artists. Since launching in October, fans have won the chance to be on a billboard with rapper Machine Gun Kelly and have a video call with the app’s Executive Advisor, Mariah Carey.

According to the World Economic Forum: “The music industry has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance revenue the biggest casualty. A six-month shutdown is estimated to cost the industry more than $10bn in sponsorships, with longer delays being even more devastating.”

The Geojam app is now launching its Emerging Artist Program which will give up-and-coming artists access to the platform, and its technology to provide curated experiences, merchandise, and new accessibility to expand their fanbase. This inaugural program is by application only and the accepted artists will receive direct support. The dedicated Emerging Artist team at Geojam will help develop these artists through internal resources to help increase visibility, build existing and new fan engagement, and ultimately create new revenue streams for these artists.

Sam Krichevsky, Co-Founder and CRO of Geojam
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